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I take a lot of photographs every day, but rarely publish more than one or two. Indeed I have a lot of photographs that I haven’t even processed which seems a shame, so here’s, hopefully, the first of a few catch up posts.

Yesterday we had a great walk around Rowney Wood, a lovely wood between Thaxted and Saffron Walden – you’ll find it almost opposite the main entrance to Carver Barracks as you head towards Debden in Essex. We spent around an hour strolling around the woods and saw many species of butterfly, all of which are shown in this image.

Of the butterflies going clockwise from top left we have:

  • Red AdmiralĀ (Vanessa atalanta)
  • Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus)
  • Large SkipperĀ (Ochlodes faunu)
  • Comma (Polygonia c-album)
  • Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria)
  • Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae)

There was a species of butterfly that we often see in the woods but didn’t see yesterday which is the Peacock (Aglais io)…that’s the caterpillar you see here – there were hundreds of these busily devouring nettle leaves.

The wind dropped and the sun made a rare appearance so we dashed out to take a walk around Rowney Woods this morning. When we arrived it was a completely featureless blue sky…nice after what we have had recently, but not great for interesting photographs. Fortunately some clouds had started to appear and the sun was casting a really nice light onto the Silver Birches in the woods. I knew, becasue the sky was such a rich blue I’d be able to get a really good black and white conversion and I was very pleased with the outcome.

It’s a sod is Facebook – you’re all ready to add a post to your blog and all hell kicks off…(you get into a long winded conversation about what is right and wrong in journalistic photography…it’s a minefield I tell you!)

Today we have just about the only decent shot I got all day during our walk through Rowney Woods…it was wet, muddy and dull…but still a great place to be (didn’t I say something similar yesterday?)

Back to Rowney Woods where we were greeted with warning signs that a shoot was taking place. We saw nor heard anything until we were heading back to the car when we were surrounded by beaters flushing out the pheasants.

As we walked down the ride we were surrounded by shotguns being shot left right and centre…fortunately up in the air and well away from us. As we rounded a corner we came across a four wheel drive with 7 brace of pheasants waiting to be taken home to the dinner table

Followers of this blog will know we spend a lot of time walking around Rowney Woods in Essex. I’ve never had a huge amount of success with finding interesting funghi to photograph…until this year when the place is absolutely teaming with the stuff!

I love this picture, OK?

Mooching around Rowney Woods the wife and I came across this band of hoodlums waiting to set upon any unwary walkers, they certainly spotted us. I particularly like the male in the middle – he has such a great expression on his face…wonder if I can find this bunch in October when he has his antlers on?

The sun was just breaking through as we approached Rowney Woods giving us those great sun beams…big sky as well!

As is rapidly becoming our custom we visited Rowney Woods again today. We are now expanding our walks to include the countryside around the woods and continued out to the Debden Green area. The weather has been odd this year with summer starting early, pausing and then restarting a couple of weeks ago. Not surprisingly autumn has been delayed! It is, however, certainly on its way leaves are coming down, the horse chestnut have pretty much completely shead its leaves and the oaks are following suit. So it was no surprise when we came across numerous apple falls.