We visited the deer park at Knole while we had a week’s holiday and saw plenty of the deer around – this is a Sika Deer who wasn’t too bothered about me photographing him.

If you would like a print of this you can get one here –

A rather macabre subject today. I didn’t set this up, someone had laced this twig through the deer skull so it was at about head height…I thought it created a particularly spooky subject. For those of you who would like to see something a bit more pleasant…

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Debbie and I have been visiting a few Stately Homes over the last few weeks and today we visited Woburn Abbey.

It has to be said, I’ve not been hugely impressed with the houses I’ve visited recently (with the exception of Hatfield House).

One of my pet peeves about these is the fact that you pay your money…but you are forced into the building via the tradesmans entrance round the back…and there is no access to view the front of the house (and even when you can see the front of the house some clown has parked a car right across the front of it!). Now I know people live here – but if you want my £15, then I want to see the front of the house as well as the back (even if it is as impressive as Woburn’s rear).

This was one of the best I could get of the front of Woburn…I have a slightly closer shot (from an angle) but I prefer this one for the reflections in the lake…the deer were very impressive, by the way.

A quick run out to Tilty this afternoon bagged this bluebells shot, along with some (far away) deer sightings. The waterfall shot I wanted to take was impossible due to a fallen tree…which I thought was a reasonable excuse to move on…

Here are a couple of the deer shots…

Deer Crossing

Deer and Woods, Tilty

I love this picture, OK?

Mooching around Rowney Woods the wife and I came across this band of hoodlums waiting to set upon any unwary walkers, they certainly spotted us. I particularly like the male in the middle – he has such a great expression on his face…wonder if I can find this bunch in October when he has his antlers on?

We’re heading back to Rowney Woods this weekend, but here’s a shot from our last visit of some of the many deer entering Rowney Woods.

We finally made our escape from the confines of the house and Christmas and took a stroll around Rowney Woods this afternoon. Plenty of wildlife on view today including 3 hawks of some variety, a large variety of tits and finches, a number of grey squirrels and 29 deer. Not too bad for an afternoons visit…and the sunset wasn’t too shabby either.

Back to Rowney Woods this morning where we saw a whole mass of fallow deer. we started by seeing a loan stag patroling the edge of the woods on his own, he looked quite young.

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In an attempt to see more deer in Rowney Woods, we got up at 5 in the morning today and arrived at the woods just before sun rise.

It was certainly worth the effort – we saw 2 muntjac deer and 3 separate families of fallow deer – one family being made up of 4 deer. Unfortunately, because of the early hour, the light was really poor so taking photographs was difficult. Here’s a muntjac deer enjoying breakfast on the edge of the woods.

Here’s one of the best shots of the fallow deer:

Fallow Deer in Rowney Wood

This is the second muntjac deer we have seen in 2 visits to Rowney Woods recently. These are clearly very timid creatures – as soon as this one spotted me, and to be fair, I was standing right in the middle of the path, s/he was off into the wood proper. It was still great to see a genuinely wild deer, even from a distance.