Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club had a day out down to the River Orwell and Pin Mill today and I got some shots of the abandoned boats.

Conditions weren’t ideal as it was blowing a gale and was heavily overcast all day so I decided to to shoot HDR shots all day (which I haven’t done for a while).

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A somewhat abandoned lean to I saw earlier today.

I’ve driven past these derelict buildings in Takeley many times over the last few years, watching them deteriorate more and more each time. I finally got round to stopping and photographing them today…it was interesting getting it level and straight! I do particularly enjoy the lamppost. in this shot.

This is the old Gatehouse that gave access to Easton Lodge, the home of the Duchess of Warwick and later the USAF during the second world war. Quite why it is being allowed to completely fall apart is anyones guess.

It’s a bit disappointing when you visit an airport and the best picture you come home with is of a derelict motorbike! Admittedly I was not actually in the airport, rather, wandering around part of its perimeter, and it was a pretty quiet Saturday afternoon/early evening with not many planes coming in or going out…still!


Kick The Door Down

There are some derelict stables in Little Canfield that I have visited before. I popped down there again today and captured this image. I was particularly taken with the pattern of the sunlight breaking in through the holes in the opposite wall.

Kick The Door Down


063/366 I know I left the car here somewhere…

Found this in a derelict barn that backs onto a derelict stables in Little Canfield, Essex

I know I left the car here somewhere...


One last one from last Sundays London Photowalk. This one is off a derelict tyre fitters a number of us visited. The police turned up fairly quickly and stopped the photographic fun, but not before I had taken this shot.

I joined the London Photowalk today and had a walk around the Olympic Park. Whilst I have no doubt all will be ready for the big day it was probably too early to walk around expecting any photographic action. However, as always, something usually comes along and past a derelict tyre fitting premises. The steel barrier was ajar when I arrived so I joined the 4 or 5 other photographers here. Made a few HDR pictures and continued on the walk. I had gone about 20 yards when the police arrived to give those unlucky enough to be still in the premises a dressing down. When we walked past later in the afternoon the premises had been secured again with some blue string 😉

That is not to say that security isn’t tight down there. Quite the contrary – hi-vis yellow jackets and large alsations abound.

Back in June we had a look at the Old Farm Shop, a derelict building between Great Dunmow and Little Easton. right next door to this building is this derelict annex:

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photograph – it’s a very “marmite” style – some love ’em, some hate ’em – I’ll let you guess where I stand 😉

Update 2014…this has now been completely demolished.