I take part in an occasional photography competition on Flickr called the f64 challenge. It’s just a bit of fun and I normally get knocked out pretty early…but there has been a change in the rules meaning that your have to photograph to a theme…and I’m in the 3rd round…so I had a bit of fun with the theme of “mealtime”

Our weekly shopping arrived just as the rain started to ease off and just as we were finishing our dinner…I hadn’t had any idea what to photograph until then!


142/366 King Prawns

These look so unappetising before cleaning and cooking and yet taste so nice when cooked. Yum!

King Prawns

I made this picture for my 365 Project but didn’t use it in the end, but I really like it and thought it would be a shame if it didn’t see the light of day.

There may have been a little pastry burning involved 😉

Back to work today in a gale with driving rain – just what you want as you are setting out on a 366 project.

I did get a picture of the rain as it drummed against the office window, but it was such a depressing shot I decided not to go for that one, so instead, here’s my dinner!

Now, we have a fair division of labour here – Debbie cooks and I wash up so I can say this 😉 It’s really not what you want to hear when your wife tells you your dinner looks disgusting as she pops it down in front of you! She covered it up well with the tomato sauce and parmesan and, for once, looks were definitely misleading – it tasted fantastic.