Doctors Pond

After a week (well, 6 days) in the US it was nice to get back to dear old blighty, the cold, damp autumnal England that we all love so much ;-). I really enjoyed visiting the States and hope I can go back for a longer period next time. I had been warned about the jet lag – I got it bad in the US but have been fine here…probably becasue I was so tired after the jet lag in the States šŸ˜‰

Walking around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow I noticed some pretty flowers in bloom in some of the gardens that adjoin the pond. This is a black and white version of the shot – if you are interested I have included the original colour version of the photograph…which I liked, but fancied playing around in Photoshop with it and came up with the main image.

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I have photographed our local pond – Doctors Pond – many times, but this is the first time I have photographed it in many months…I have no doubt you will see this sight again a few times over the coming months!

I had a walk around Doctors Pond in the evening, it was surprisingly cool. The sunset wasn’t up to much, but turning around the clouds were picking up some nice colours.

I have been known to take the occasional photograph of Doctors Pond. When Debbie (my wife) saw the colour version of this she groaned and said I was clicheing (I might have made up that word) my own cliches!

Now, I had gone out with the intention of taking a black and white picture (although not of Doctors Pond) because there was some really nice cloud formations and lots of deep blue sky…hang on a minute…I’ve never done a black and white picture of Doctors Pond…

Debbie was not impressed šŸ˜‰

I took a stroll around Dunmow this evening – down to the church and then back around the recreation ground, but it was my Doctors Pond photo from right at the beginning of the walk that immediately caught my eye…it will be interesting how the other, later shots come out.

Always look behind you! We had another fairly disappointing sunset this evening, unusually there was more colour opposite the sunset…and the moon had made an appearance as well.

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here –

We’ve had some lovely weather over the last couple of days and I was sure we’d have a cracking sunset this evening…it just never happened. Still, Dunmow’s Doctors Pond always makes a pleasant picture.

We were doing a bit of gardening this morning and I spotted this very small damselfly come into the garden and hang from a small potted plant. I believe it is a femaleĀ Emerald Damselfly, lestes sponsa, but please don’t hold me to that…I have a very bad reputation for my critter identification. I assume it has come in from Doctors Pond and it’s the first damselfly I have seen this year.

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I was quite surprised when I counted up the number of ducklings this female Mallard had in tow – eleven…and not a male in sight šŸ˜‰

There was clearly plenty of tasty morsels to go at on the side of Doctors Pond as all the ducklings were busy pecking away at the side of the pond wall.