It was all happening down at Doctors Pond this evening…with the first batch of ducklings having arrived not long ago. Whilst it took a while I can report that this youngster worked out how to get out of the pond and rejoin mother…after a few attempts of attempting to leap out of the pond the duckling finally noticed the ramp leading out of the water next to him!

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I popped out to Doctors Pond this evening just as the sun was setting and photographed a small selection of the waterfowl that lives there.

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Let’s face it, shooting a sunset at Doctors Pond is rather like shooting ducks in a barrel…even with a new manual focus lens I’ve hired which I’m not convinced I’m focusing quite right yet.

Our Alessi Duck timer seems to have sprung some eggs…

This is a composite of two shots both taken this evening whilst I sat by Doctors Pond watching the world go by.

I know, she’s missing her bonnet 😉

This female mallard duck was being pestered up and down Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow by various male mallards – she was definitely centre of attention.


131/366 La anarquía de pato

So after last nights swimming in the gutter Anarchy duck came down with the sniffels so my wife made him this lovely beret. (And yes, that is “Anarchy Duck” in French – thanks to Google translate!)

La anarquía de pato

In this post one duck actually, a female mallard who allowed me to photograph her earlier this year. It wasn’t my intention to use this image today, but a friend of mine saw a print of the picture and loved it and I know he was trying to find a copy of it on Flickr – well Mick, in case you’re still looking – here you go.