Well that was all a disappointment…Snow, Snow, Snow, ran the headlines, weather warnings galore…and we go about a mm of snow – admittedly, there would have been much more if the rain that preceded the snow by about 3 hours had arrived later…then we would probably have had something to talk about!

When I got out of bed an hour before dawn I was somewhat underwhelmed when I looked out the window, still, I got up and went for my normal walk around Dunmow. I could see the cloud moving in and picked up the pace to make sure I reached Doctors Pond bang on sunrise and I was (for once) rewarded with a cracker. Hope you enjoy!

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There has been such a furore over the last few days about the super moon and, as an amateur photographer who follows such things, my feeds have been ram-jam full of pictures of the moon. I’ve kept away from it for the most part mainly due to the relatively poor weather we have had here over the past few days.

When i went our for my early morning walk this morning I was delighted that the heavy rain had finally moved away and left a sparkling sunrise…and the moon, still large in the sky, if not quite full anymore.

So, here you have Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow with the ex-super moon slowly setting in the background…and the ducks making a bee-line for me (they were sorely disappointed).

Rats with good PR, as someone once described them to me. I actually like squirrels and there are plenty in Hatfield Forest at the moment. There are more shots of some of the wildlife in Hatfield Forest below.

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This is just one of the myriad of birds around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow this afternoon.

It was a glorious afternoon and I decided to go and sit, with my camera, by the pond and see what was about to photograph. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, ducks, geese, wagtails, doves, crows, pigeons and this Blackbird were all busy around the pond and I spent a happy 40 minutes happily snapping away in the sunshine.

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Sunset on a frozen Hatfield Forest lake. The ducks seemed quite happy sitting on the ice – there was a thawed our area of water to the right, but it was pretty crowded and had a couple of swans lording it over the ducks.


Two By Two

Heading off into the depths of rowney woods were these two mallards.

Two by Two


146/366 Three Old Men

Across Doctors Pond at the moment is new life…except for these characters 😉

Three Old Men

So, after a few posts we’ve made it to the actual sunset shot. It really was a beautiful evening, I had half expected the lake to be full of fishermen but it was deserted, except for me, loads of birds and the occasional fish who broke water periodically.

Whilst sitting taking pictures of the sunset I watched to large, but very graceful herons fly overhead – I had completely the wrong lens on to photograph them and willed them to come down and join me on the lake…alas they flew by.

As the sun settled below the horizon a flock of (I guess) starlings gave an aerial display of coordinated flying before settling into the reed beds at the far end of the lake. Finally, both ducks and geese passed overhead, again strangely not coming down to the lake but flying strongly past to other destinations.