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I was up and about early this morning on my walk around Dunmow with my little Sony A6000 which I use when I want to keep the weight down. Whilst it wasn’t a particularly nice morning, a bit drizzly and heavy cloud cover I was happily clicking away, I got more shots of the local Dunnocks, some more Blackbirds and an interesting silhouette of 3 crows that I thought might make a decent image.

This evening when I came to add the pictures onto the computer I opened up the camera to retrieve the SD card and…there was no SD card…it was already in the computer…and had been since last night…sigh!! Why doesn’t a load claxon sound when you try and take a picture on the Sony without a SD card, rather than that flashing “NO CARD” warning that comes up 😉

Fortunately I had been summoned during the day to take some more shots of some of Debbie’s products…so not the intended shot, but a shot nonetheless. As always you can purchase this item on Debbie’s Buy Diazepam Pharmastores store by clicking here.

Walking back from my early morning walk I saw a couple of these small birds in the hedgerow. Unusually they didn’t take one look at me and leg it, so I got a reasonable shot of a bird for once. I originally thought this was a Wren but with a bit of research I discovered it is in fact a Dunnock. There’s another shot of him after the break

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