I’ve been in Scotland again for a couple of days, this time as part of a group from work so I had very little time available for any photography. I grabbed this as we waited to board our easyJet to Edinburgh. We were fortunate as just after we had taken off Stansted had to suspend all flight as demonstrators invaded the runway.

I travelled up to Aberdeen this evening, easyJet got me there in an hour and at £50 return you really could not complain about the value!

Wandering around in a town you’ve never been to before can be a bit of a dicey move, especially when you are wandering around the Dock areas. I was quite disappointed that you could not really get close to any of the ships…not like down in Great Yarmouth…anyhow, here’s a shot of the Siem Garnet that was running its engine giving me a little smoke to capture from my distant vantage point!