More egg table top images. When I say more, it is quite sometime since I actually did any images like this, you can see the post by clicking here, that’ll be over 6 years ago!

As previously I did this in response to a challenge/competition. This time it was for a competiton in Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club and the image with the kitchen tile background got 20/20…so it was worthwhile.

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Our Alessi Duck timer seems to have sprung some eggs…

Why? I have no idea!

It would be quite useful though – during a power cut you could cook your egg while you light your room…I could be onto something here!

It is often the way that the simple shots are the hardest to take. Indeed I had to faff about with this a fair amount in photoshop to get it someway close to where I wanted it. Of course, as usually happens, I had to rush the shooting of this as it went straight into the frying pan when I had finished with it and became part of my tea!

Since I finished my 365 project (a new photograph made every day) I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking – I think of something to photograph and then carry on sitting watching the telly or come up with some other excuse why I shouldn’t go and make that new picture. So I’m considering starting another 365 project…

This shot was for our City and Guilds One shot challenge which was, as the title suggested  “Pointy or Curved”. I couldn’t figure out what to take and got the idea for this shot from a shot in my last 365 project.

You can buy a print of this egg and fork image by clicking here.

This was a nice tasty photograph as the Cadbury’s Creme Egg slowly disappeared Well, it is Easter after all 😉

There is a newer version of this Cadbury’s Creme Egg shot here


096/366 The Creme Egg’s Had It…

Well, it is Easter 😉

The Creme Egg's Had It

It was something of a surprise to find a broken egg shell on our walk today. I think the picture came out better than I expected – I hadn’t noticed the small red berry – and says so much about life and nature at the end of autumn.