Playing with some office fittings this evening…any ideas what it is?

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Poor weather is a pain, but with it you will usually get some striking sunsets – this evening was no exception.

Tuesday night is Camera Club night and we found ourselves at Hopleys garden centre in Much Hadham. It was a lovely evening, although I do accept you wouldn’t necessarily know that from this shot…still 😉

I took a stroll around Dunmow this evening – down to the church and then back around the recreation ground, but it was my Doctors Pond photo from right at the beginning of the walk that immediately caught my eye…it will be interesting how the other, later shots come out.

I had a great idea for a photograph this evening, but really couldn’t get it to work…I’ll be trying it again but was running out of evening…so out came one of my favourite stand ins – my headphones. These are relatively new and replace an old pair that completely fell apart due to heavy use. You’ll find a shot of my old headphones here. So my new Sennheiser HD215 headphones are shown here, I have no doubt that these will appear again through the year 😉

Debbie gave me a colour challenge of purple this evening, as I was struggling to come up with something to photograph. This was fine, except, of course, I’m colour blind!

Not to worry – it got me out of the house and I took this photo of Dunmow High Street and Market Square from Stortford Road.

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here – https://shop.markseton.co.uk/Great-Dunmow/i-X5WJw94/A


143/366 Sparks

The Camera Club Summer Programme gets better and better. Tonight, in the lovely balmy late Spring weather, the Bishops Stortford Camera Club gathered under a bridge on the Flitch Way in Takeley…and tried to set fire to it 😉

OK – all was perfectly safe and the only thing that was going to get burnt was our intrepid leader and instructor Brian who was spinning the wire wool! We were even visited by a number of bats and a deer…great evening!



114/366 One Wet Road

It has rained, pretty much, all day today. We’ve had so little rain this last year it seems churlish to complain, nonetheless it doesn’t help taking a photo a day.

For today I’d tried a few things I wasn’t happy with and, as it was a quarter to midnight I stepped outside our front door and took this…

One Wet Road