I wasn’t expecting the quite thick mist that greeted me this morning, but it was a mild morning and spring certainly feels like it’s in the air…the oil seed rape is already flowering and there is an abundance of blossom around Great Dunmow at the moment…

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I took a walk around Great Dunmow today and found this road I had not been down before. It lead to a rather impressive Georgian Manor house that I didn’t know existed on the way was this scene.

Walking around the countryside you do see quite a few of these gates that don’t lead anywhere and have a whopping great hole next to them making the gate completely redundant…weird!



Apologies for the less than regular updates recently – don’t forget you can keep up with me on my 366 Project as well as here.

Today I was in Little Bardfield looking for bugs, and I found loads – I suspect you’ll be seeing a few here over the next few days ;-).

On my way to the River Pant I walked through a field that is lying fallow this year and caught this photo of the grasses there.



161/366 A tree by the field

Our regular walk through Rowney Woods included a quick walk around this field – just 2 weeks ago this was bright yellow, now the rape flowers have all been replaced by the pods that, I presume, are what the farmer will eventually harvest.

A tree by the field


147/366 Driving Through

We took a walk through Rowney Woods and around the surrounding farmland. It was 27 degrees – way to hot for a long walk – and we were exhausted when we got back.

All the recent rain and then this sudden explosion of heat has made everything very verdant. The farmers have been busy as well – the previously soft land giving small clues as to where they have been 😉


Driving Through


Sunset’s Behind You

I liked what the sunset did to the clouds here, despite the fact that the sunset was happening behind me.

Sunset's Behind You


104/366 Guarded

I returned to the scene of my recent soaking today, the weather was substantially better and I was to spend a happy hour marching up and down the Stort Navigation in my lunch hour.

This picture is of an arable field patrolled by some headless scarecrows…apparently the Canada Geese aren’t bothered too much by them settling down on the gentle slope for some sun bathing.


Staying in Aythorpe Roding this shot was again taken at sunrise last Saturday…and yes, it really was as cold as it looks!

If you’ve been following this blog for a few months then you may recall the Viper’s Bugloss, sea of purple photograph taken looking out of Rowney Woods back in July. That field now looks like this.