Flitch Way

I had a drive up the A120 with a vague idea of photographing some of the industrial buildings there. Everything was gated off so I ended up in Rayne and the Flitch Way. I wandered down the Flitch Way and came across the old Rayne Station looking very nice.

I took a stroll down the Flitch Way this afternoon, in particular the Dunmow Cutting part of it. I was looking for a specific shot, but didn’t find it, but came home with this shot of a rather large daisy.


252/366 The Flitch Way

Great Dunmow used to have a railway line running through it that started in Bishop’s Stortford and finished, 45 minutes later in Braintree (and vice versa). The passenger service ended in 1952 with goods traffic continuing to use the line until its close in 1969. Following the demise of the railway line, which has been taken up the route has become a very pleasant walk. This picture is taken just passed the Dunmow Cutting (heading towards Great Dunmow) and shows one of the old bridges that you come across periodically down the walk. You can (kind of) see another of these bridges in this photograph of burning wire wool which was also taken on the Flitch Way.

The Flitch Way

If you follow the Flitch Way out of Great Dunmow towards Takeley you will come across the Dunmow Cutting. The Flitch Way was, of course, the main Railway line between Bishops Stortford and Braintree and the Dunmow Cutting is a remnant of that with its path between 2 steep sided sides that are full of wild flowers, butterflies, grasshoppers and damselflies.

I have no idea what sort of flower this is, but it caught my eye.


210/366 A golden long horned moth on scabious

I’ve had a busy day updating my other blog, Flitch Photography, that I have seriously neglected in the last month, so head over there over the next few days and see lots more new posts and photographs that I have taken recently – I have quite a backlog of images to post…

I popped out for a walk late afternoon/early evening and decided to head down to the Flitch Way in Dunmow. I’ve been on the Flitch Way at Little Dunmow and Little Canfield, but never in Great  Dunmow. So off I set, thinking I knew exactly how to get to it…of course I didn’t and ended up walking along a field edge by the A120 for some time. As luck would have it this actually joined the Flitch Way at Buttleys Lane.

The Flitch Way is on the site of the old Bishop’s Stortford to Braintree railway line, long since removed in the 1950’s but there is still the occasional piece of track lying around and brick bridges abound. I soon reached Dunmow Cutting – the deepest cutting on this line and now a haven to wild flowers and grasses. I was looking at the scabious’ when I spotted this golden long horned moth resting. By the length of its horns it is a male.

Golden long horned moth on scabious

The A120 connects Great Dunmow with Bishop’s Stortford and the M11 (and thus London) in one direction and Braintree and Colchester in the other. It’s the most important road in the immediate area and was recently turned into a dual carriageway and bypassed around Dunmow.

Walking down the Flitch Way takes you alongside the A120 and underneath it. I thought this would be a good spot to take some HDR photographs, one of the results can be seen below. While I was making these pictures a cyclist came passed (the Flitch Way being on one of the main cycle routes in the area) and asked me what I could see that made it worth while to spend time making these pictures. It was a fair question and, whilst I could explain to him why I enjoyed this form of photography (HDR) I was less able to explain what I saw in that particular scene…I still enjoy the results though.