362/366 Mother In Laws Christmas Present

I’ll admit, I was completely confused when I opened this present. All I saw was an Apple like box with the words “USB Rechargable” splashed all over it and a picture of what my addled brain thought was a Zippo lighter! Had she forgotten we had given up smoking almost 9 years ago? Was it an iPod, was it a knockoff Chinese Apple MP3 player…all these things went through my mind and all the time I was thinking, there’s no way she would have bought me an “i” anything. It turned out it was a small portable razor…that you charge via USB. Quite a good and useful present to be honest – it’ll live in my desk at work and be used periodically when I forget to have a shave at home in the morning…as I seem to do more and more recently 😉

Christmas Present



108/366 Small Clanger

I was asking my wife what I should shoot tonight as I had no ideas – she said – silver foil. I sighed and said it would be too dull. She said I had no imagination (in a friendly way I should add)! So…here’s a bit of fun with silver foil.

I’ve wondered if I could get this Clanger toy into the 366 and its great I have managed this. Anyone outside the UK is probably going to have no clue what this is all about! It’s also great I could get the rocket blower into the scene.

Small Clanger




Something a bit different for today’s photograph. This came out of my 365 Project and is a macro photograph of the foil from a strip of tablets.