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It does exactly what it says on the tin – it was freezing and it was foggy!

I think this may well be a first for me – both sunrise and sunset from the same day.

Great Dunmow’s Doctors Pond this morning was cold and frost – much of the pond was frozen over…to such an extent that the schoolboy with stick couldn’t break the ice…This evening’s sunset was pretty spectacular – and I wasn’t the only person out there photographing it.

Buy Diazepam Online London

We’ve had some really poor sunrises over the last few weeks. We have either had flat grey skys…and it just gets brighter, but no less grey or we have had brilliant clear blue sky, which just means a flat orange colour…and a lot cooler than you want it to be when stood around outside.

Today’s, admittedly, was not a whole lot better, but at least there were some shades of red with the orange light blinking through the flat grey skies! It was still cold enough for a frost though!

We had the coldest morning of winter so far today and a heavy frost. The budlea is definitely regretting sprouting leaves early this year…the clematis had not faired much better, but at least it was expecting this sort of weather.

Where Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter

It’s been a cold and very foggy day today in Dunmow…at least where I live. If you walked up to the High Street you got above the fog and it was a clear blue sky…still very cold though.

Staying in Aythorpe Roding this shot was again taken at sunrise last Saturday…and yes, it really was as cold as it looks!