I finally got chance to go back to Mundon to photograph the frozen oak trees there with my tripod. I was just settling down to photograph these when the landowner drove across the field and threw me off…in his words he was”really pissed off”! There is a clear sign telling people “Private Land No Access without permission” so I really didn’t have a leg to stand on and retired to the adjacent public path to take this image. I have no idea how you get “permission”, but get it before you move closer than the path to take your shots!

It’s a 9.5 minute exposure to get the clouds to streak like that using a 16 stop ND filter

I’m always a sucker for clouds like this 😉

A black and white HDR photograph from Saturday, just before the big thaw.

Sunset on a frozen Hatfield Forest lake. The ducks seemed quite happy sitting on the ice – there was a thawed our area of water to the right, but it was pretty crowded and had a couple of swans lording it over the ducks.