AKA 101 uses for old fruit you find in the recycling bin covered in cat food!

When in doubt as to what to do for the 365, rummage in the fridge!

A nice, simple shot for today – apple straight from the fruit bowl with a texture applied in photoshop.


344/365 Fruit Salad and Cream

I wasn’t going to publish this as my one a day picture…I had a nice Christmas Tree shot for you, or so I thought. Sadly I had neglected to focus the camera when taking the picture…and got a whole bunch of out of focus (and not in a good way) shots of the tree, so that will have to follow.

I wanted to take this shot, which I have seen done before elsewhere (without the cream) and thought it looked reasonably straight forward…I hadn’t figured on how tricky it was going to be getting a proper shape going…so I didn’t! Anyway, you have (from the bottom) a lime, lemon, orange, apple, lemon & apple layer with a liberal dousing of “cream” (it’s that Elmlea stuff)

Still, I quite like the final picture.

Fruit Salad and Cream


332/366 Physalis

I remember seeing my first Kiwi Fruit and Ugly Fruit when I was 9 or 10, they were really unusual and quite a treat. My parents had a close friend who was a fruit and veg man and he’d give us gifts of these strange and exotic fruits at Christmas…often playing with the International date line so he could say they had been picked just yesterday even though they had been flown across from New Zealand and were actually 2 days out of the earth (or off the tree/bush), marketers eh!

So this is a fruit I hadn’t come across before but noticed in our local Tesco’s weeks ago. I knew it would be worth photographing, so today you get an overview. You may well get a close up of the papery leafy covering they come with and a look inside one of the fruits…we’ll see how my list of subjects for this weeks photos goes…

Anyway, they are sticky to the touch but pleasant enough to eat, there’s a slightly tart, yet sweet grape taste to them and it reminds me somewhat of a tomato as you eat the seeds within.



324/366 More Kiwi Fruit

Followers of this project will remember last week’s kiwi fruit photograph. Well, I did buy a few of them so here’s another shot. I must say I did eat last weeks fruit (obviously), but it was pretty hard and very tart…I put this down to them maybe not being ripe. So, I ate the below this evening…and it was hard and very tart…so I’m guessing that’s what they are like when they are ripe as well 😉

More Kiwi Fruit