Another glorious day meant it was way to hot to venture out until 8.00pm in the evening. With sunset not until 9.20pm that’s not such a problem, the woods were still really dark with the heavy summer canopy blocking out much of the sunlight…so, this is a public footpath we (still) haven’t followed across the field of barley. I haven’t done any HDR for a while – so it was nice to run this shot through Photomatix to create this shot.

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Tricky to publish a window or reflection shot, when you haven’t taken a shot that actually meets that criteria…so you just cheat! Good old photoshop!

Another Sunday walk around Rowney Woods and we came across an extensive array of fungus, the fronds on these two and the big lean caught my eye.

Followers of this blog will know we spend a lot of time walking around Rowney Woods in Essex. I’ve never had a huge amount of success with finding interesting funghi to photograph…until this year when the place is absolutely teaming with the stuff!

We finally got out and about again after 3 weeks either stuck indoors ill or out visiting family so it was nice to visit Rowney Woods today. Having just commented that we hadn’t seen any fungus in the woods we immediately spotted these.




A small family of these had gathered on the lawn in front of a delightful thatched cottage on the edge of Rowney Woods.


This jolly family of fungus was photographed in Rowney Woods (where else) back in September. I’ve included a picture of the full family tree along with a picture of one of the single families 😉

 Fungus Family Detail