When I took this picture on the Saturday of the Rebellion Festival I was literally dripping wet…having left the hotel some time earlier I was regretting my choice of shorts and a tee shirt after the torrential downpour those clouds had just unleashed on me…it was mild and blowing a gale so I soon dried out.

With regards to the pipes, I really have no idea what, or why they are there…I’ll go do some research later 😉

Back to work today in a gale with driving rain – just what you want as you are setting out on a 366 project.

I did get a picture of the rain as it drummed against the office window, but it was such a depressing shot I decided not to go for that one, so instead, here’s my dinner!

Now, we have a fair division of labour here – Debbie cooks and I wash up so I can say this 😉 It’s really not what you want to hear when your wife tells you your dinner looks disgusting as she pops it down in front of you! She covered it up well with the tomato sauce and parmesan and, for once, looks were definitely misleading – it tasted fantastic.