One of our cats has been ill (not the one photographed yesterday) and had to spend the night at the vets. At £500 this was the most expensive poo I’ve had to deal with…today’s picture is in recognition of this 😉

Wandering back from the Co-Op I noticed the Maltings gateway was being guarded by a cat so thought it might make a reasonable subject for today’s photograph. Great Dunmow used to be quite a brewing town – until its closure in the 1940s, malt was still made for the Dunmow Brewery opposite Doctor’s Pond by the traditional method of turning barley by hand.

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here –

A visit to Rowney Woods for a quick march round between heavy rain showers delivered the following shot. Ordinarily you look to have pretty much everything in focus in a landscape shot, but today I wanted all the attention to be on the gate and all the brambles surrounding it so deliberately dropped everything behind it out of focus.