After a week (well, 6 days) in the US it was nice to get back to dear old blighty, the cold, damp autumnal England that we all love so much ;-). I really enjoyed visiting the States and hope I can go back for a longer period next time. I had been warned about the jet lag – I got it bad in the US but have been fine here…probably becasue I was so tired after the jet lag in the States 😉

There used to be a swan sanctuary in Mistley so you always get a large selection of swans marching around on the road side but it was these greylag geese (Anser anser) that I particularly enjoyed this lunchtime.

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I have absolutely no idea if this pair are “heaving to” I know even less about sailing than I do about birds.

It was another rather dull day on the Suffolk coast so I popped up to Alton Water to see what was going on – there was lots of bird activity and I got some very poor pictures of a pair of lapwings flying past. There was also a large flock of geese that flew over and settled on a nearby field to rest and eat – more of that after the break…oh, and there was an abandoned shoe as well…

You’ll notice I resisted the temptation to drop the video for Sailing by Rod Stewart on here…you can thank me later 😉

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After yesterday’s disappointing picture I was a lot happier with todays effort.

I enjoyed the three swans heading in one direction with the four Canada Geese heading in the opposite direction appearing to be the only traffic heading under the bridge…of course, this is the main river channel into Ipswich, so actually there had been a few boats sailing under the bridge while I was there.

This is just one of the myriad of birds around Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow this afternoon.

It was a glorious afternoon and I decided to go and sit, with my camera, by the pond and see what was about to photograph. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, ducks, geese, wagtails, doves, crows, pigeons and this Blackbird were all busy around the pond and I spent a happy 40 minutes happily snapping away in the sunshine.

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I popped out well after sunset this evening to grab today’s photograph, but it was still pretty bright with good clear skies. I had a wander around Dunmow and the Doctors Pond and collected yet more shots of the geese and new ducklings.

Heading home, not particularly happy with what I’d got I noticed the moon just rising over the roof tops, particularly because of its size and colour…and here you have it.

Playing around with symmetrical images today sees a slightly different take on Doctors Pond. The image was taken and split down the middle(ish) and rejoined. Just to add a little tension to the image I removed some of the symmetry, particularly from the geese.

The dreary weather continues unabated…I popped out inbetween showers and grabbed this shot of the local Geese around Doctors Pond, then an almighty crash of thunder and flash of lightning sent me scurrying back home. I then spend the next couple of our mounting some images for our next round of the print competition at Bishops Stortford Camera Club.

So, after a few posts we’ve made it to the actual sunset shot. It really was a beautiful evening, I had half expected the lake to be full of fishermen but it was deserted, except for me, loads of birds and the occasional fish who broke water periodically.

Whilst sitting taking pictures of the sunset I watched to large, but very graceful herons fly overhead – I had completely the wrong lens on to photograph them and willed them to come down and join me on the lake…alas they flew by.

As the sun settled below the horizon a flock of (I guess) starlings gave an aerial display of coordinated flying before settling into the reed beds at the far end of the lake. Finally, both ducks and geese passed overhead, again strangely not coming down to the lake but flying strongly past to other destinations.

You may recall our last post about the Canada Geese that frequent the Doctors Pond here in Dunmow, and I mentioned they liked to have a good go at each other. Well, here’s a good example taken earlier this year.