Street Art by Don

Wandering around the Old Street/Shoreditch area of London you’ll see a lot of work by Don – this is one such piece. It’s very clear that street art no longer only includes “graffiti” but art work like this pops up all over the place.


End of the Line

Loved this stencil graffiti/street art I saw in Shoreditch, London the other week;

End of the Line


Graffiti in London Fields

Continuing the shots from the last London Photowalk is this HDR photograph of an artist and his graffiti taken in London Fields.

A grafitti artist admires his work


The River Stort at Burnt Mill

As part of my 365 project I visited the River Stort at Parndon Mill again today, but instead of walking towards Parndon Mill I went the opposite way and headed for Burnt Mill where the Train Station is. It was a pleasant enough walk, though not the most attractive as you neared the station.

This bridge/tunnel caught my eye because of the lovely weeping willow and the graffiti which summed up this short walk quite well.

The River Stort at Burnt Mill, Harlow