Great Easton


198/366 Church of St John and St Giles, Great Easton

When I first took up photography I spent a lot of time in Churches. I’m not religious, but, if you need somewhere peaceful with lots of different things to photograph to learn how to use your camera, then this is the place to go. I’m always careful to pay a small fee for the upkeep of the buildings, some of which are in serious need of repair. It would be a great shame to lose these historical buildings, whether or not you’re religious.

Having now moved from a cropped sensor camera to a full frame sensor, I have been surprised by the differences in the pictures taken…it’s taking a bit of learning to understand what you are going to get out of the camera, especially at the wide angle end…so…if you want me, I’ll be in a church somewhere 😉

Church of St John and St Giles, Great Easton