186/366 The River Stort Navigation

Since I bought my new Nikon D800 the weather has been awful…to be fair, no surprise for this year. So when the sun was making a rare appearance this lunchtime I made a quick dash out with my other new purchase…the Nikon 14 – 24mm f2.8 lens.This is a wide lens – meaning that you can get a far greater amount of detail to the left and right of you (and up and down)…it’s fantastic!

So here is one of my first attempts with this beast…on the River Stort Navigation by Parndon Mill Lock:


The River Stort Navigation


135/366 The Idiot Bastards

I went to see the Idiot Bastards at the excellent Harlow Square last night. The Idiot Bastards are a band playing comedic songs – some written by them and some cover versions. The band are made up of some of the comedy greats from the last 20 or so years and, whilst the below is not the greatest shot I’ve taken all year…and was shot on my Samsung Galaxy SII it shows from left to right Ade Edmondson, Phil Jupitus, Rowland Rivron and Neil Inness. They were great, the standard of heckling was very poor, but I had a great night!

The Idiot Bastards


Audi A1

I got my Audi A1 last October and am very happy with it. I’ve tried to take its picture a few times without any success until last Sunday. Parked on the top, open, floor of the multi-storey car park at Harlow Train Station (that makes it sound far bigger than the 3 level car park actually is) I thought the clouds would help give a dramatic feel to the image, and I think it works pretty well.

My Audi A1


081/366 The Moorhen, River Stort, Harlow

Nipped out at lunchtime to have a walk down another section of the River Stort. This time down by the Harlow town Railway Station – you wouldn’t believe this is about 200 yards from the mainline station.

The Moorhen, Harlow, River Stort


Reflections of the River Stort

So, its back to a grey out again today…no sign of the sun after our little burst of spring over the last 2 days.

Here’s another one from my lunchtime stroll yesterday of the River Stort.

Reflections of the River Stort


The Tipping Point

Taken on the River Stort at Roydon near Harlow, you have to wonder how long this tree will last.

 tipping Point


075/366 – 82014 – A Barge on the River Stort at Roydon

Down the river from yesterdays photograph is Roydon which is where I nipped out at lunchtime today to capture this HDR photograph. We seem to have run into Summer again – I saw my first butterfly of the year here as well.

82104 A Barge on the River Stort at Roydon


074/366 The River Stort, Harlow

The sun finally made an appearance today so I nipped down to the River Stort by the A414 to catch the sunset this evening.

The River Stort, Harlow


Heading to Cambridge

This is a black and white shot taken near Parndon Mill in Harlow showing the main railway line to Cambridge and Stansted Airport.

Heading to Cambridge


Mooring on the River Stort at Parndon Mill, Harlow

This is from my first visit to Parndon Mill earlier this month. This is one of the moorings on the River Stort.

Mooring on the River Stort