Hatfield Forest

A small group of hardy Bishop Stortford Camera Club members braved the inclement weather and visited Hatfield Forest for the last of the summer programme get togethers. It was cool and pretty blowy…but the clouds did eventually start to break up for the first time of the day.

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club congregated around the lake at Hatfield Forest this evening to photograph the sunset. It was a beautiful evening…but the severe lack of any clouds meant a very lacklustre sunset. Nevermind when a large group of photographers gather in one place you’ll always be able to get this sort of shot!

Rats with good PR, as someone once described them to me. I actually like squirrels and there are plenty in Hatfield Forest at the moment. There are more shots of some of the wildlife in Hatfield Forest below.

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The Bishops Stortford Camera Club had an outing to Hatfield Forest to do some light painting this evening.

Another of my more regular haunts for photography. This is the lake in the middle of Hatfield Forest, always a good spot for a sunset and we were treated to a belter this Sunday evening.

Sometimes I write completely new pieces for the blog, sometimes I use the same write up as my Flickr account – which you can visit by clicking here or on the Flickr icon at the top right of the page…anyhow, this is what I said on the Flickr version:

Driving home from work yesterday I did not hold out much hope for the “Summer Skies” photowalk around Hatfield Forest with the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club. It was absoultely, unremittingly grey…and look what happened…

I’ve been keen to shoot the stars and I had some limited success with this but the moon coming up over the lake at Hatfield Forest was quite beautiful.

It’s amazingly quiet in the forest at this time of night…except for the roar of the jet engines and smell of aviation fuel that drifts across to you from a mile or so away – it was a surprisingly strong smell. It’s a smell I love though as it reminds me of holidays taken ion the Isle of Tresco when I was a young boy – we used to take the helicopter over from Penzance to St Mary’s and that smell of aviation fuel always meant that we were nearly there.

We had an early finish at camera club tonight so I stopped off at Hatfield Forest to photograph the stars…but the cloud was racing in so I was glad I had my torch in the car and set about doing some light painting.

When you see the experts doing this they always have their laptop tethered to the camera and can really see what they are doing…this is an advantage 😉

Apparently, this is a site for all sorts of nefarious carrying ons at night, it was way too cold for that sort of thing tonight!

I’m always a sucker for clouds like this 😉

A black and white HDR photograph from Saturday, just before the big thaw.

My first attempt at light painting on a larger scale. This is the Shell House in Hatfield Forest.