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Continuing our visit to Battersea, this is the Pump House in the park.

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This is Broadoaks Manor, a Tudor manor house surrounded by a moat. In the 1590’s the house sheltered a catholic priest, Father John Gerard, during Queen Elizabeth I’s persecution of the Catholic faith…which was fairly typical of the Tudor monarchs of the time. The manor house itself is in excellent condition despite its advanced years.

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Found this in a derelict barn that backs onto a derelict stables in Little Canfield, Essex

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As you approach the main entrance to Rowney Woods from the Carver Barracks side you pass a number of Nissan Huts. I’ve never really seen a picture there but enjoyed the colours and the cloud of this one.

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We had one of our regular visits to Rowney Woods today – it was a great day for clouds. Great big fluffy white clouds abounded – here’s a shot of the edge of Rowney Woods…with clouds.

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Heading away from Harlow towards Hoddestone is a small, old village called Roydon which appears in the Doomsday Book. The River Stort flows through the village.

As it was such a nice day today I headed there this lunchtime and made this HDR photograph of the river and narrow boats.

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This is the view we have out of our landing window across North Street in Great Dunmow. It’s a view we don’t see often because we live on a main road so we have net curtains up. You’ll gather it snowed again last night.

I had to spend ages removing all the muck from the window that was showing up on the original – the windows have been painted shut (accidentally) and in this cold weather I wasn’t going to bother to try and force them open!

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Continuing the shots from the last London Photowalk is this HDR photograph of an artist and his graffiti taken in London Fields.

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There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment and so I’m having to grab a few minutes here and there to make some pictures for my 366 project. I feel I’m losing control of the quality (I’m ignoring the shouts of “What quality” now 😉 )

My first subject today were some allen keys – I’ve never seen such a dull picture. I then tried some shots inside the fridge – rubbish. I then saw my wife’s knitting and thought I’d do an HDR of it. My original idea was to go completely over the top and really painterly – but I settled for this, slightly more subdued, effort.

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