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The Shard is the newest addition to the skyline in London and is really beginning to dominate as it nears completion.

This is an HDR photograph taken on the 9th October 2011 from the Millenium Bridge.

Back to Saturday evening and another shot from the sunset.

The original home of the Flitch Trials, Little Dunmow is located about 4 miles from Great Dunmow and, as the name implies is substantially smaller.

Today’s picture was taken on Saturday evening as the sun set. The picture was taken, looking out from the Little Dunmow Priory Church.

The Leez Priory, an old tudor building, is used for weddings, it looks a lovely venue, and indeed there was a wedding on when I was in the area, a shame because I would have liked to have photographed the buildings. Near the Priory is a lake which was looking a little less than full as these trees on the edge of the lake show. It will be interesting to revisit these in the winter and see how they fair when there is more water in the lake.

Following on from yesterday’s blog, here’s a small pond and stream near (and feeding) the Leez Lodge Lakes. I had to fight my way into this area and those green sticks had some vicious barbs on them, as I was taking the photograph I was aware my tripod was slowly sinking into the mud of the pond…half an hour that mud had dried and completely seized the tripod. The bridge has a pretty fearsome crack running through it which you will be able to see by viewing the larger version of the photograph (just click the photograph).

I’ve not done any HDR photography for a little while…until today, when a pretty drab day demanded it. I had a walk around Leez Priory and the lake there. Just before you get to the lake there is this meadow. What particularly attracted me to this area were the patches of strange dark green grasses springing up in patches all around, along with the fairly aggressive and expansive clouds – despite their look, they did not unload upon me!

A couple more images taken from Berners Roding Church as it slowly crumbles into the ground.

The images in this short series are all HDR images produced using Photomatix and have also all had additional processing using On One’s Photo Tools in Photoshop.

You can see in the image above the sunlight breaking through the back wall as well as the crumbling wall and wrecked floorboards.

To the Field Day! That look such an optimistic sign in such a run down place.

Buy Valium By Roche Online

If you’ve been following this blog you will now know that I enjoy photographing Churches and derelict buildings…so what could be better than to find a derelict Church!

Berners Roding Church is certainly in a poor state. Rumour has it that it may be sold for residential use, though the graveyard has certainly been used relatively recently and some of the graves do appear to be tended. Inside you can see sunlight streaming in through the large cracks down the walls, the floor is exposed to the boards which are badly damaged. All that said, it does seem to be remarkably watertight!

So, a brief series of pictures from Berners Roding commences with a view through a broken window into the church:

And here we have a view of the chancel and Altar looking down the Church, the damage to the floor very clearly shown.

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More tomorrow…