I was only in Houston, Texas for 36 hours, but I feel I packed in plenty during that time…a full days meeting with my colleagues at our Houston office, seeing Bad Religion live downtown, and then spending an hour in the sweltering heat and humidity looking for photographs. I now fully understand why everything is air conditioned to the hilt in Houston.

I really liked Houston, even though I was only there for such a short time I would certainly like to go back. Everything is supersized…including, of course, their cars, so it seemed appropriate that I should share this shot of the local Cadillac garage.

This picture was taken outside the Warehouse Live venue in Houston where the bands Bad Religion, Against Me and Dave Hause were playing. I had 1 evening free during my 6 days in America, I couldn’t believe my luck that these bands were playing in downtown Houston when I was there on the one night I had free.

I decided not to take my camera as I had no idea how strict they would being allowing cameras into the venue and it was a 40 minute taxi drive in, so I only had my phone.

This was the first concert I have been to where the venue was air conditioned which made it very comfortable watching the bands.

This is Santa Barbara Airport…one of those new “boutique” airport’s so beloved of hipsters.

To be fair it was a very nice airport with lovely staff and nice facilities. The flight to LAX was short and straight forward and was the start of the second phase of my short visit to the States as I now headed off to Houston Texas.