Is it a hoverfly, is it a sawfly, is it something else? I don’t know, but the flower is definitely a yellow iris.

Seen in Widdington today

Another macro from the garden – plenty going on out there at the moment.

I caught this photograph of a hoverfly feeding on nectar down by the River Pant between Great and Little Bardfield

We are lucky enough to have a large area of lavender in our back garden. We didn’t plant it there, it just arrived one year and we have enjoyed it every year since…as have the local hoverflys, amongst others 😉


190/366 – Moving In

A brief break in the rain this afternoon meant I could pop out and grab this shot f a hoverfly venturing into a foxglove.

Heading In


So I invested in a very nice new Macro lens this week – 105mm f2.8 Nikon lens so you’re going to see a few of these over the weeks to come 😉

This is a hoverfly in the back garden in Great Dunmow – my macro technique needs perfecting, but we’ll get there!

Hoverfly on Lavender