I was pleased with this shot I took of these fading ivy leaves I spotted on my way to the Post Office this afternoon, the perfect simple composition that fulfilled the 365 brief nicely, just a shame I had a leaf yesterday as well…still, I do feel this is different enough to apply, and, if I’m honest, a much more interesting shot than yesterday’s.

A quick walk around Rowney Woods unusually didn’t deliver many pictures, but this ivy looked pretty as it slowly crawled up this tree trunk.


212/366 Elephant Leaf

As I pottered round the garden this evening looking for something to photograph I came across this dying leaf that just reminded me of an elephant. I’ve no idea what happened to the leaf to damage it in such a way.

This will be the last post for a few days as I’m going to be away without my computer. I will have my phone with me so might post if anything comes up, however, there will be a number of catch up posts on my return – there will still be a photograph taken every day – have no fear 😉

Elephant Leaf