360/366 Mmmmmm…Turkey

Christmas Day and the wife prepared her excellent Christmas Dinner for us as usual. JJ the cat has always had a penchant for Turkey (and chicken). I can honestly say I have never seen a cat eat so much Turkey in a day…as you can see from the following photograph, he was intent on getting his fill.



235/366 Eye C U

If you look closely enough you can see me 😉

Eye C U


222/366 Sad JJ

Our oldest cat is starting to look his age – I won’t embarrass him by telling you all 😉 However I liked this shot of him because he looked so sad, actually he was quite happy, just hacked off that I was, once again, taking his picture.

Sad JJ


125/366 Things are looking up…

…sadly, the weather’s still rubbish, but we have a long weekend ahead of us so things could be worse.

This is a shot of one of our cats giving me the plaintive “let me back into the house, it’s cold and wet out here” look.

Things are looking up