kiwi fruit

When in doubt as to what to do for the 365, rummage in the fridge!


324/366 More Kiwi Fruit

Followers of this project will remember last week’s kiwi fruit photograph. Well, I did buy a few of them so here’s another shot. I must say I did eat last weeks fruit (obviously), but it was pretty hard and very tart…I put this down to them maybe not being ripe. So, I ate the below this evening…and it was hard and very tart…so I’m guessing that’s what they are like when they are ripe as well 😉

More Kiwi Fruit


318/366 Kiwi Fruit

My go at the archetypal kiwi fruit shot. It should be done on a light table…I don’t have one, so just held it up in front of a bulb. Seems to have worked OK…

Kiwi Fruit