The flowers Debbie received for her birthday are on their way out, Debbie thought inflicting some violence on them would be a good idea…she wanted the introduction of tomato ketchup as well…but I drew the line there 😉

Another day where I have not had the opportunity to get out and take a picture, to be fair, I have been finding this change quite liberating…all the “landscape” shots were becoming a bit samey so I’m please to be looking at a change of pace indoors.

Today continues my work with light and kitchen utensils ala Jan Groover…any chance I could sell these for silly money 😉


137/366 Living on a Knife Edge

I thought this would be more interesting than it turned out. The knife is still apparently really sharp, but in this macro shot you can see the two edges that make up the sharp blade are actually splitting apart.

Living on a Knife Edge