Busy day today which fortunately included some product shots for my wife’s company The Crimson Rabbit. This is one of her new cowls she has just added to her store.

Today we tried to come up with something a bit different for some of my wifes knitted shawls and scarves, effectively replacing the background. Not entirely successful but a good piece of learning.

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My wife’s been requiring some more product photography again today so Ena came out for some head shots to show off this very vivd pink crochet beret. She’s now got a bit of a waiting list but, if you want to pick up some lovely knit ware, or some Easter Bunnies that have proved very popular visit her Crimson Rabbit shop here.


363/366 Introducing Ena

If you look back through this 366 project you will see periodic examples of my wife’s knitting. Well, she’s now going to try and earn some money from her hobby so obtained a dummy head and a separate torso for modeling and display purposes. So I got presented with a large array of knitted goods to photograph. I used a spotlight lamp as a fill light and my Nikon SB600 flash as my main light sources and did OK. It does have to be said, I need to get a replacement for the spotlight lamp and I need to get a roll of paper for backgrounds. Still, not a bad start.

Oh, by the way, she’s called Ena (after Ena Sharples of course) and the torso is called Hilda (Ogden – both from Coronation Street if you didn’t know).

Introducing Ena-27-Edit


325/366 Sparkly Mohair

This is one of my wife’s latest creations, a mohair wrap with tiny sequins throughout.

Sparkly Mohair


131/366 La anarquía de pato

So after last nights swimming in the gutter Anarchy duck came down with the sniffels so my wife made him this lovely beret. (And yes, that is “Anarchy Duck” in French – thanks to Google translate!)

La anarquía de pato


100/366 – Shrug Detail

Woohoo – made it to Day 100!

Awful weather today so I’ve been stuck indoors. My wife finished another of her projects today – a mohair shrug for a bridesmaid outfit. This is a detail shot of the back of the garment. You can actually see the very beginning of this knitting here on day 16.

Shrug Detail


086/366 Baby’s Jumper

My wife has been busy again and commissioned me to photograph her latest creation, this delightful baby’s jumper.

Baby's Jumper


046/366 Beret

My wife’s been busy again, coming up with this babies beret for a friend of hers.

When she produces these items I’m tasked to photograph them for posterity as Debbie keeps very few items, most are made for friends and family. Photographing a beret without a model isn’t the easiest of tasks. In the end I popped it on an upside down vase to try and at least give it some shape.

A knitted beret


031/366 Detail

Debbie has been busy again and has completed another of her knitting projects so I was commissioned to complete a series of pictures of the garment for posterity.

The garment in question is a mohair scarf – it’s exceptionally soft and very detailed…

Detail from a knitted mohair scarf