We’re about due for a bit of plugging for my wife’s business. This is a new line of large project bags she is currently selling in her Etsy store The Crimson Rabbit  – go check ’em out!

I recently got a new phone – a Galaxy S7 (not the version that spontaneously self-combusts 😉 ) and have finally got around to setting it up with Lightroom Mobile and the ability to shoot Raw images. It took me forever (due to my inability to read instructions) to work out how to get the edited images from the phone into my desktop version of Lightroom…but managed in the end (and still haven’t read the instructions…result 😉 )

Debbie has been busy designing a new bag for one of her customers to carry knitting equipment. I haven’t been called upon to do the official photoshoot just yet…that’ll probably follow shortly, so here’s a sneak peak preview.

It’s been a busy day of working on a range of product photography for my wife’s craft store today.

This was a work in progress she asked me to take for her – if you’re anything like me you will have been surprised by the 3 knitting needles, rather than the normal two. This is called knitting in the round and she is using the technique to knit some mittens.

Having watched Game of Thrones (Sky +) I suddenly realised it was 11.30pm and no photo completed so I raided debbies knitting pots and got these very nice wooden knitting needles…she’s got quite a collection – perfect for a bit of macro photography.

It’s been a quiet day on the photography front so it has come down to a battle between one of our cats and a work in progress…so I picked the work in progress if, for no other reason than my wife has had another order for one of these pieces that become a very attractive cowl when finished…she now has a short waiting list!


363/366 Introducing Ena

If you look back through this 366 project you will see periodic examples of my wife’s knitting. Well, she’s now going to try and earn some money from her hobby so obtained a dummy head and a separate torso for modeling and display purposes. So I got presented with a large array of knitted goods to photograph. I used a spotlight lamp as a fill light and my Nikon SB600 flash as my main light sources and did OK. It does have to be said, I need to get a replacement for the spotlight lamp and I need to get a roll of paper for backgrounds. Still, not a bad start.

Oh, by the way, she’s called Ena (after Ena Sharples of course) and the torso is called Hilda (Ogden – both from Coronation Street if you didn’t know).

Introducing Ena-27-Edit


200/366 Debbie’s Knitting

Photo 100 was of some of Debbie’s knitting so it seems kind of fitting that post 200 should also be of some of Debbie’s knitting. I should stress that I was asked to shoot this for a project Debbie is doing, it has nothing to do with a lack of ideas today at all 😉

Debbie's Knitting


100/366 – Shrug Detail

Woohoo – made it to Day 100!

Awful weather today so I’ve been stuck indoors. My wife finished another of her projects today – a mohair shrug for a bridesmaid outfit. This is a detail shot of the back of the garment. You can actually see the very beginning of this knitting here on day 16.

Shrug Detail

Debbie always has knitting on the go…usually 2 or 3 projects at least, and can often include crochet pieces. So today’s picture is of one of those projects, recently started, I have no idea what it is yet.