We had the coldest morning of winter so far today and a heavy frost. The budlea is definitely regretting sprouting leaves early this year…the clematis had not faired much better, but at least it was expecting this sort of weather.

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Red,  Yellow, Green, these leaves just across the road from our house are showing off the colours of Autumn beautifully.

I was pleased with this shot I took of these fading ivy leaves I spotted on my way to the Post Office this afternoon, the perfect simple composition that fulfilled the 365 brief nicely, just a shame I had a leaf yesterday as well…still, I do feel this is different enough to apply, and, if I’m honest, a much more interesting shot than yesterday’s.

Nature always has a way of providing what you are looking for, even if that is something as familiar as curves and lines. The back of this leaf caught my eye today.

Popped out between showers this evening to catch some of the bugs that were flitting around. This fly was having a paddle on a leaf.


316/366 Autumn Fall

We took a walk around the countryside immediately around Stansted Mountfitchet this afternoon. For those of you who don’t know, this is the town that gives Stansted Airport (London’s 3rd airport) its name. Strangely, we didn’t notice hearing any planes at all during our 2 hour walk, but we could always here the hum of the M11.

Autumn Fall



312/366 Blown In

We had some leaf litter blow in through the door this evening and that became my subject for the day…

Blown In


298/366 The Red Theme Continues

I wasn’t intending this to become a series of pictures featuring the colour red…but this is the third shot in 3 days. This shot is also significant (to me anyway) as it means I have caught up with my publishing of my 366 shots. I have been shooting everyday but the publishing had fallen behind, mainly because of our weeks holiday where I was shooting as normal, but didn’t have any computer with me to process the images.

So, back home now and caught up – though I do have hundreds of images still waiting to be processed 😉

Today’s picture is of some leaves I found tonight in the back garden.

Red and Yellow Leaves


273/366 Fallen

I popped out this morning on the search for pictures of leaves. This was one of the shots I got:



212/366 Elephant Leaf

As I pottered round the garden this evening looking for something to photograph I came across this dying leaf that just reminded me of an elephant. I’ve no idea what happened to the leaf to damage it in such a way.

This will be the last post for a few days as I’m going to be away without my computer. I will have my phone with me so might post if anything comes up, however, there will be a number of catch up posts on my return – there will still be a photograph taken every day – have no fear 😉

Elephant Leaf