This is a detail of a larger image of this tree…I preferred the detail on the leaves that you get in this cropped down version…see below for the original version…

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We had the coldest morning of winter so far today and a heavy frost. The budlea is definitely regretting sprouting leaves early this year…the clematis had not faired much better, but at least it was expecting this sort of weather.

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Red,  Yellow, Green, these leaves just across the road from our house are showing off the colours of Autumn beautifully.

I was pleased with this shot I took of these fading ivy leaves I spotted on my way to the Post Office this afternoon, the perfect simple composition that fulfilled the 365 brief nicely, just a shame I had a leaf yesterday as well…still, I do feel this is different enough to apply, and, if I’m honest, a much more interesting shot than yesterday’s.

Looking for perspective shots for my current photography course I looked up during our walk around Rowney Woods and saw what I thought were lots of birds nests in the tree. On closer inspection they were actually dead leaves that had been trapped in twigs that were growing vertically on the side of the trunk.

I toned this black and white image (with a blue colour to the highlights) to emphasis the cold nature of the day.

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Spent the afternoon at the Cambridge CC Inter-Club Digital Competition where about 30 clubs battled it out with some quite inspirational pictures…we (Bishops Stortford Camera Club)  didn’t do particularly well, but it’s the taking part that counts! What was kind of weird was one of the images was the same as an image I had taken a year or so ago (it wasn’t an original idea when I took it either 😉 ) – it had done pretty well in our end of season exhibition…good thing we hadn’t put that one forward…it got 17/20 as well – equaling our best score from our 5 images!

So I got home with no picture in the bag at all. I did finally empty out my camera bag of all the leaves we had collected a few weeks ago and thought I’d have a go at a still life. To be honest it was a bit rubbish so I took it into photoshop and bullied the hell out of it to come up with this.


298/366 The Red Theme Continues

I wasn’t intending this to become a series of pictures featuring the colour red…but this is the third shot in 3 days. This shot is also significant (to me anyway) as it means I have caught up with my publishing of my 366 shots. I have been shooting everyday but the publishing had fallen behind, mainly because of our weeks holiday where I was shooting as normal, but didn’t have any computer with me to process the images.

So, back home now and caught up – though I do have hundreds of images still waiting to be processed 😉

Today’s picture is of some leaves I found tonight in the back garden.

Red and Yellow Leaves


287/366 Autumn’s Coming – The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2012

Back in 2010 I went on my first photowalk which was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk around Bishop’s Stortford. Since then I have been on umpteen walks but I can count the good shots on 1 hand. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy these photowalks…and that’s the problem – dash off a few shots and spend the rest of the time chatting tends not to be the best way to get great shots…but is very enjoyable nonetheless 😉

Autumn's Coming

As is rapidly becoming our custom we visited Rowney Woods again today. We are now expanding our walks to include the countryside around the woods and continued out to the Debden Green area. The weather has been odd this year with summer starting early, pausing and then restarting a couple of weeks ago. Not surprisingly autumn has been delayed! It is, however, certainly on its way leaves are coming down, the horse chestnut have pretty much completely shead its leaves and the oaks are following suit. So it was no surprise when we came across numerous apple falls.




It’s here, after our Indian Summer the other week the temperatures have dropped and, as I sit here typing, there is a strong wind blowing outside rustling the dying leaves so it seems appropriate to post the following image taken today.

I’d like to say how I was down by the river and saw this leaf floating over pebbles, sadly I found it in the dustbin at the bottom of our garden in Dunmow which had water in it from the weekend’s showers. I took it out and put it down on the pebbles we have in our back garden – easier maintenance than grass 😉

So, the secrets out!