light painting

I’ve got into the semi-final of a Flickr competition (for the second time) called F64. The challenge for this shot was “Film Noir”…I might have taken that a bit too literally!

I have a lot of pictures to process and then publish from the last week…but here is today’s…a bit of light painting

Our Alessi Duck timer seems to have sprung some eggs…

My Sony NEX7 and a bit of light painting

Debbie got me a new watch for my Birthday a couple of months ago, it’s a Titanium Seiko Kinetic, if you are interested. I photographed my other watches earlier in the year so I tried a new light source for this one – my iPad mini – I thought it created a very pleasant soft light.

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club had an outing to Hatfield Forest to do some light painting this evening.

I did one of these spiral light trail shots in my first 365 a couple of years ago. I’ve been meaning to have another go for a while.

Bought for me by my father on my 21st birthday, it needs a little maintenance and a good clean…as do most of my watches…I do seem to be a bit of a graveyard for watches. Yesterday’s watch was shot in normal room light. Tonights shot was lit with a small torch – a technique known as light painting.

I was considering holding onto these as “emergency” subjects for my forthcoming second 365 project. If I’m honest I knew pretty early on this year that I had made a mistake stopping my daily photography once I had completed my 366 project at the end of last year. To be fair, there have not been that many days when I haven’t used my camera this year, but I have totally got out of the habit of updating my blogs every day (or week as it became this year).

So, these pheasant feathers and shot gun cartridges were going to be used next year, but I really fancied doing a little bit of light painting so, out they came and this is what I got.


We had an early finish at camera club tonight so I stopped off at Hatfield Forest to photograph the stars…but the cloud was racing in so I was glad I had my torch in the car and set about doing some light painting.

When you see the experts doing this they always have their laptop tethered to the camera and can really see what they are doing…this is an advantage 😉

Apparently, this is a site for all sorts of nefarious carrying ons at night, it was way too cold for that sort of thing tonight!