I take part in an occasional competition on Flickr called F64 Challenge, in this months competition I am currently 4th after two rounds. This rounds challenge is “Morning Light”. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve basically had pretty flat grey morning light outside, and besides…I’m not getting up at 5 in the morning on the off chance ­čśë So, here is my interpretation of the challenge…let’s see how we do ­čśë

Sometimes all you need for your daily┬áphotograph is a tree (with leaves), a street light (turned on) and the radial blur filter in photoshop…job done!

Heading back from camera club and no photo in the bag…I balanced the camera on the steering wheel (just my little Sony NEX7) and clicked away…this is a composite of two shots so you get the speedometer in view as well as the streaking lights. I particularly like the fact that one of the clear numbers in the speedometer is 120, although my little Audi A1 would probably struggle to hit that lofty speed!

No laws were broken in the making of this photograph ­čśë

It’s been a miserable day here with rain all day. It eventually stopped at about 8.30pm and I dashed out to catch the very last of the fading light. It was blowing a bit so getting anything sharp proved to be a bit problematic, however, I liked this shot of some fresh bracken that is growing in front of a red brick wall…it looks rather Christmassy don’t ya think – well, there are only 230 days till Christmas ­čśë

Having been evicted from our home office by the wife earlier today I found myself working in our Dining Room. I was pondering a weighty problem when I noticed my reflection in the light fixture overhead. I liked the fact that it gave a 360┬░ view of the room (including me, of course) and took the shot. What I hadn’t noticed at the time of shooting was the large amount of cobwebs that were up there around the fitting! Still, I like the shot – it’s a nice bit of fun.


109/366 Light Trails

I took a stab at doing some light trails in my kitchen tonight.

Light Trail

A little bit of abstraction to welcome in the weekend.