Despite being up early doors I still didn’t have a shot for today until late into the evening when I broke out the 50mm f1.4 and played with lines and a narrow depth of field.

I enjoyed the abstract nature of this picture of a floor lamp in our living room.

Another emergency “what’s on my desk” shot! This time a metal torch is given the macro treatment.

Today’s shot is a straight forward black and white of telephone cables in the fog…obviously I’ve fiddled with it to make it this very high key image.

I cursed myself when I noticed this water hatch on my walk to the Post Office this afternoon…how could I have missed such a good lines and curves shot…no matter – I make and break the rules!

I’ve seen this shot done many times and thought…”Well, how hard can it be to do that?” Let me tell you, it was a lot harder than I expected and I wouldn’t normally have even published it…but it’s been raining all day so I haven’t been able to get out and blah, blah, blah 365, picture a day!

You would be forgiven for not having noticed that this 365 project is themed. My wife picked out the theme from a bag with about 25 themes in it – this is supposed to give some focus to my photography. It’s worked…but I haven’t (until today) published an image that fits the theme of lines &/or curves. I’ve shot the images that fit the theme, but I have preferred other images that I have taken and so have published them instead. Strangely, it has made it easier (so far) to get my daily image, although it shouldn’t be difficult on Day 3! I will stick with the theme idea, but will continue publishing my favourite image of the day whether or not it fits the theme.

This lovely piece of driftwood is on the Lower Holbrooke coastline in Suffolk…when I say driftwood I mean…tree that’s fallen into the sea 😉 …You get to see V1 after the break:

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One of the big issues people tend to have when doing a 365 project is coming up with new things to photograph. So when one of your favourite photographers comes up with a new web site and starts giving you monthly assignments…all for free…well, you’ve got to take part. So this months assignment from Zach Arias at is “lines”.

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158/366 Lines

Something a little abstract tonight…