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I caught this photograph of a hoverfly feeding on nectar down by the River Pant between Great and Little Bardfield

A close up shot of the stamen on a Dogrose. Taken in Little Bardfield, Essex.

This may or may not be a winter damselfly – its colours are right but it could just be an immature damselfly of another variety. It was seen on the River Pant at Little Bardfield.


Brand Valium Online

Apologies for the less than regular updates recently – don’t forget you can keep up with me on my Buy Msj Diazepam Ukas well as here.

Today I was in Little Bardfield looking for bugs, and I found loads – I suspect you’ll be seeing a few here over the next few days ;-).

On my way to the River Pant I walked through a field that is lying fallow this year and caught this photo of the grasses there.

Valium Online Buy Uk


Valium Cheapest

I spent a couple of hours in Little Bardfield by the river tracking down bugs…I found loads 😉

This is a damselfly, it looks like a winter damselfly but these are very rare over here so I am assuming it is, in fact, an immature different speicies…you’ll have gathered, I’m no expert.

It’s rare that I will go “Oh wow” when I look through my pictures off the camera – but this one got that reaction – full size and 100% zoom the detail is really impressive.

Buy Diazepam Pills



Valium Brand Name Online

Well, OK, it’s not actually called Sunbeam Lane ;-). This is Cooks Lane in Little Bardfield from yesterday. A very pleasant area to walk around, especially if you like bugs and birds. We saw butterflys, damselflys, mayflys, herons, lots of finches and plenty of swallows.

Valium Ohne Rezept Online

I’m full of cold and miserable so let’s warm up a bit.

This was taken on a lovely summers day – 30th July to be precise and was taken in Little Bardfield in Essex. I like the fact that the butterfly is sharp and the daisy is out of focus, but I do wish I had taken one with both sharp as well – often a mistake I make – not shooting all permutations of a picture.

Still…I feel a lot warmer now.

I have a lot of photographs of birds disappearing into the middle distance, I have neither the super long lens of a wildlife photographer, nor have I the patience, finesse or light footedness to approach such creatures in such a way as not to put the fear of god into them…nevertheless, I keep trying!

Out and about yesterday the photograph taking was somewhat curtailed by breaking down and having to get the RAC out to get me going again, which they did promptly and successfully. Whilst waiting for the RAC to arrive the heavens opened and it poured down – which made me feel better as the sunset I had gone out to capture was nowhere to be seen!

I had a look around the internet to see if there was any information about pylons – surprisingly there is a huge amount of information, including a Can You Order Valium Online site – I still didn’t find out anything about this one though!