London Photowalk


Battersea Power Station

As promised, here’s a shot of the iconic Battersea Power Station taken yesterday on the London Photowalk. I very much had Alcatraz in my mind when I processed this.

Battersea Power Station


Bubble, Bubble

I took two very enjoyable photowalks around two lesser known areas of London. This shot was taken in Broadway Market in London Fields which was a lovely market with plenty of friendly people.

Bubble Bubble - coocking up a storm in Broadway Market


035/366 The Old Man, Broadway Market, London Fields

The London Photowalk takes place every six weeks, or there abouts, and we gathered today in London Fields. This was actually to be my first of two photowalks of the day.

Despite the freezing weather, this was one of the warmest photowalks I’ve been on – there’s not many places in London you will find such a relaxed atmosphere as you do at Broadway Market and people were happy for a bunch of photographers to get in their faces and take pictures, indeed, many seemed to enjoy the experience.

Here’s a shot of an old chap who was delighted to have his picture taken, but I prefer this rather more candid shot.

The Old Man, Broadway Market, London Fields

Street Photography is a particularly popular form of photography these days, especially for owners of the micro four thirds cameras, or so it would seem. It’s not a form of photography that I have had a great deal of success, mainly because I don’t like shoving my lens into an unsuspecting victims face. In truth, and dependent on whether you take the clandestine long lens approach or the, much more decent, asking permission approach I find the whole talking to/engaging with strangers difficult. It’s something I know I have to work on if I am to improve this form of my photography.

These security people were chatting with some of the London Photowalk group.

…this picture from the last London Photowalk came top of the pile. I just found out today and am well chuffed! See the London Photowalk web page here.

You might have seen a slightly different version of this image on this blog a couple of weeks ago – just click here to see it again.

On the recent London Photowalk we visited the Shad Thames area which is instantly recognisable, even now, as the warehouse area featured in The Doctor Who series Resurrection of the Daleks in 1984.

If you venture off the main cobbled street you’ll find squares formed by the restored warehousing and flats. In one of these squares we came across an interesting fountain which had “sculptures” of various items set around it including this Nikon camera. It was with some amusement we heard a Canon user muttering that “…it should have been a Canon”.

This was taken on the London Photowalk last Sunday and shows Tower Bridge from St Catherine’s Dock.




Has anyone ever noticed the similarities between Doctor Who’s Robot and London’s City Hall?

Robot was Tom Baker’s first story in Doctor Who – it was first broadcast 28th December 1974 – and I can remember watching it quite clearly…I was 6 and hiding behind the sofa ๐Ÿ˜‰

Cover from the DVD of Doctor Who's Robot

When walking around the countryside in Essex you periodically see a flash of grey as a squirrel zips up a tree, very rarely do you get an easy picture out of them. Not so this little fella just outside London’s City Hall.

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It was a pretty grey day on Sunday for the London Photowalk around Hampstead Heath, but that lends itself nicely to some black and white images.

As a boy I grew up with dogs, a Scottie, an Old English Sheepdog and a series of English Setters. Since moving down to Essex we’ve always had cats , we never thought it was fair (we both work) leaving a dog cooped up in a house all day – cats just don’t mind that. So it is always a pleasure to see a dog enjoying itself as this one certainly was.

And yes, the ball is (and was) yellow – much as I would have liked it to be red.