macro photograph

These two created the subject of my 365 project a couple of days ago.

I was out and about earlier today beating the rain and getting some macro shots of the spring flowers that are making an appearance. I have shot blossom before – a year ago to the month – and this shows how much I have  improved in my own shooting, and what a difference a dedicated macro lens makes.

You can see v1 on my 365 project page. This is an ex bud on my wifes Moth Orchid that has dried out and turned all papery. I love the stem that looks just like a dried up umbilical cord to me…or is that just weird 😉

The image itself is made up of 5 shots all stacked on top of each other to get more of the bud in focus. It was taken with my Nikon 105mm macro lens and was lit by our standard hanging ceiling light.


069/366 Failed Orchid

I took some shots of a Moth Orchid we have. I noticed this bud that didn’t look like the other 2 buds coming out of the flower, sure enough, it is a papery husk. Strangely more interesting than the living, healthy buds.

Failed Orchid




Back to winter here today with a mixture of heavy rain and snow. So much for the taste of summer a few days ago 😉

I spent some time photographing some roses we have in the house. This is my favourite.


045/366 Zip Hell

Following on from my post yesterday I thought I’d include an image of the Harrington jacket those badges get attached to. I was doing this and immediately thought of what I should photograph – the zip. It’s the one thing I don’t like about the jacket – it has extra fabric to cover over the zip when it’s zipped up – the trouble is that fabric gets caught in the zip and jams it up good and proper – I end up having to take it off like a jumper and then mess around unjamming it – it’s still a great jacket though 😉

Zip Hell


037/366 Keyring

This is my wife’s keyring and car key. I tried to take this with my 35mm and got some nice shots using the “M” of Mazda as a kind of pointer, but in the end, out came the macro 105mm and you get this!



027/366 Ring Binding

I have taken a good number of pictures today. We had our sales kick off and awards ceremony today in London and I was asked to photograph the awards, which I happily did. I did think I would use one of these pictures for today’s 365 project shot. On reflection I decided not to, nor least because, a person photographer and flash user I am (currently) not! So, emergency measures got you this:

Ring Binding




Something a bit different for today’s photograph. This came out of my 365 Project and is a macro photograph of the foil from a strip of tablets.


022/366 Bristles

A quick macro for today as I’ve not been able to get out of the house. This is of our potato scrubber!