…and it was, thank you.

I was wondering what to photograph today and thought it might be fun to shoot some marbles with my macro lens. So out I popped to the local shop and came back with a small bag of marbles.

They’re not as good as the ones I remember as a child…but they were pretty cheap.

I’ve finally given up football – 12 years in the service of Dunmow Football Club is long enough for anyone and I was beginning to not enjoy the football. So, having been aware that the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club met on a Tuesday, which previously clashed with football training, I knew exactly what was going to fill that new gap in my week. So off I wandered down to Bishop’s Stortford for my first visit to a Camera Club.

This first visit coincided with a display of various reptiles, tarantulas, snakes, cockroaches and other interesting animals, all presented by the very knowledgeable Jo from Millenum Reptiles and Jungle Jo.  Whilst I’m not particularly pleased with the shots I took here’s a passable one of a stick insect.

I am just dying to pop in a picture of the USS Enterprise into this picture – it looks like one of those strange space aurora’s that Captain James T Kirk and his crew stumble upon in their quest to boldly go…or is that just me?

I guess I’m running through all the cliche shots with my macro lens at the moment, but this was pretty tricky.

When I got up this morning I saw all the cobwebs clearly from the bedroom window, so knew that it would be a good day to shoot these. I took about 50 shots and got 4 keepers! Even the slightest breeze blurs out the detail so you need patience – not something I am blessed with!

Anyhow, hope you like.

There comes a point in every photographers life that they take the M&M’s shot….here’s one of mine.

I know – it’s a bit freaky – I took this photo with my 105mm macro lens on a tripod. When I first loaded this onto my computer (and bear in mind that I have it over 3 times the size you’ll see by clicking the image) I felt a bit odd. I’ve never been one for spending a lot of time staring at myself in a mirror (this will not come as much of a surprise to those that know me) but, as a (much) younger man, I was told that my eyes were the best thing about me. The ravages of time (and alcohol, despite having been dry for 10 months) are clearly catching up with me…

Once I’d got over the unsettling feeling of looking at my own eye I really got into it – the structures in the iris are quite amazing to look at – it made me go and look up exactly what the iris did You can too by clicking here, because, to be honest, I’m not much the wiser after reading this – probably just a bit thick I guess 😉

I started to follow a photographer (one of many) on Google+ called Colby Brown and he made a fantastic image of a field of sunflowers you can see here. I’d seen, unexpectedly, some sunflowers peaking out from a hedge on my way home from work, so I thought I’d give it a go. Now, Colby is a professional photographer so I was realistic enough to know that it was not going to be an easy task. Colby also had a small advantage in that in the US, where he is based, they grow acres of Sunflowers…in the UK (in Essex at least) you only get small, half hearted strips between fields so it rapidly became clear that getting anything similar was going to be out of the question, nevertheless, I’m still pleased with the results.

Here’s one taken with my 105mm macro lens.




I’m not a fan of wasps, nasty stingy things that get in your beer, but get a macro lens onto them and maybe they become things of beauty.

I love the colours on its head, I’ve never noticed reds on a wasp before, mind you, I’ve never been this close to a wasp before. This one was photographed in Chalkney Woods last Sunday.

Wasp Macro / Close Up

I am so glad I got this macro lens!

And the title…yep – another line from a favourite song (and not the band):

“We’re W.A.S.P.s, yeah, proud American sons,
We know how to clean our teeth and how to strip down a gun”

51st State – New Model Army

It’s a bit tenuous, I know! This may become an ongoing “feature”.

Looking through the fridge this evening I came across a few Strawberries left over from the weekend. We’d had a bit of a Strawberry frenzy with both of us returning from work clutching punnets of the fruit. It was a little disappointing to find that the few that were left  were on the turn.

Marks and Spencers v Co-Op – surprisingly the Co-Op strawberries won!

Strawberry sliced through the middle - macro

Still – I don’t think we wated too many of them – and those that were on the turn made great subjects for the new macro lens – I hope you agree!

Strawberry Macro Edge

For the record, this was from the Co-Op batch!