The first signs of autumn are beginning to come through. I’ve been noticing fungi appearing in a few places and the grassed area outside the office has suddenly sprouted a fair collection of mushrooms…

I’ve not seen many wasps at all this year – this is only the second one I have been conscious of seeing this year.

Tuesday night is Camera Club night and we found ourselves at Hopleys garden centre in Much Hadham. It was a lovely evening, although I do accept you wouldn’t necessarily know that from this shot…still 😉

Another macro from the garden – plenty going on out there at the moment.

I really should have paid more attention to this plant when I was photographing it…I have no idea what it is and all the pictures I have of it are these close up shots. Never mind, thought they made a pretty interesting triptych anyway.

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I took a stroll down the Flitch Way this afternoon, in particular the Dunmow Cutting part of it. I was looking for a specific shot, but didn’t find it, but came home with this shot of a rather large daisy.

as we tend to do, we had a good walk around Rowney Woods today. I had my macro lens with me so was trying to find any creepy crawlies that were around when I came across this which was quite a surprise – the picture below shows what I saw initially – which was a lime green spider – when I looked around the other side I was surprised how colourful it was – not seen one of these before.

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Spring keeps pushing on and a quick turn around the garden with the macro lens brought together a number of good images. This one got the Debbie vote for today’s photo of the day – leaves sprouting from a bud.

As a special bonus, here are a couple of other shots from the same shoot:

New shoots 2 New Shoots 3

Having watched Game of Thrones (Sky +) I suddenly realised it was 11.30pm and no photo completed so I raided debbies knitting pots and got these very nice wooden knitting needles…she’s got quite a collection – perfect for a bit of macro photography.

Rooting around in the Pot Pourri bowl I found these old, dried orange slices and got to work with a lamp, a torch and a macro lens to come up with this. I desaturated the pith to give it that red colour.