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More cuteness from around Doctor’s Pond this morning…plenty more pictures after the break…

Buy Valium Australia

It was all happening down at Doctors Pond this evening…with the first batch of ducklings having arrived not long ago. Whilst it took a while I can report that this youngster worked out how to get out of the pond and rejoin mother…after a few attempts of attempting to leap out of the pond the duckling finally noticed the ramp leading out of the water next to him!

Order Valium Online Uk

I popped out to Doctors Pond this evening just as the sun was setting and photographed a small selection of the waterfowl that lives there.

Valium Online Cheapest

Let’s face it, shooting a sunset at Doctors Pond is rather like shooting ducks in a barrel…even with a new manual focus lens I’ve hired which I’m not convinced I’m focusing quite right yet.

There’s been a second batch of ducklings appear in Dunmow over the last couple of weeks. This little fella was out on his own this evening stuffing his face on the bugs buzzing around the surface. I’ve no idea where the rest of the family was, but he was perfectly content.

I was quite surprised when I counted up the number of ducklings this female Mallard had in tow – eleven…and not a male in sight 😉

There was clearly plenty of tasty morsels to go at on the side of Doctors Pond as all the ducklings were busy pecking away at the side of the pond wall.

This is a composite of two shots both taken this evening whilst I sat by Doctors Pond watching the world go by.

I know, she’s missing her bonnet 😉

This female mallard duck was being pestered up and down Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow by various male mallards – she was definitely centre of attention.

A female mallard takes off from the Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow and heads off into the wide blue yonder…

I probably spend more time hanging around Doctors Pond than is healthy!