There seems to be a Marmite fixation going on…

Some more bulb work here following my earlier electric light bulb shot the other day…there may have been some Photoshop shenanigans going on again 😉

Coming up with things to photograph tends to be the hardest part of the 365 project. Today I noticed this article on the BBC news web site all about the increase in cost in Marmite following Brexit (or at least the complete collapse in the value of Sterling since Brexit…thanks very much bigots!). I asked the good lady wife if we had any…”You had it on your cheese on toast this lunchtime” came the terse reply!

So, we are officially rich as we have two jars of the Black Gold in the cupboard…I’m off to celebrate with a cheese and marmite sandwich…or maybe a can of Red Stripe…we’ll see.

The continuation of my “Pairs” theme, Debbie tells me this is definitely a pair…I wasn’t so sure, cheese and biscuits I get, cheese and marmite…well…I did eat the cheese smeared with the marmite I’d used in the photo…and it was jolly tasty 😉