I thought I’d be able to get to this rather lovely wind-pump just outside Lowestoft a good 40 minutes before sunset after working in Great Yarmouth today. As always, the best laid plans meant I turned up just before sunset – this picture was the first I took as I approached the mill.

My one piece of luck was that there was a sunset at all, it having been grey and rainy most of the day…so I was pretty happy…after the break there is a second shot looking away from the sunset which has a completely different feel.

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Today’s search area, the kitchen…victim, the pepper grinder

We visited Flatford today to find a rather soggy Dedham Vale…so soggy that you couldn’t walk on it without some pretty substantial boots. To compound the issue the National Trust are just in the process of renewing the lock gates just outside the mill…so actually there are no lock gates in place…hence this very active water outside the Mill today.