It was a beautiful morning in Great Dunmow today, just after sunrise with the mist still lingering across the fields viewed from the top of Beaumonts Lane…lovely start to the day.

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I wasn’t expecting the quite thick mist that greeted me this morning, but it was a mild morning and spring certainly feels like it’s in the air…the oil seed rape is already flowering and there is an abundance of blossom around Great Dunmow at the moment…

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Quite a lovely morning today on Beaumonts Hill in Great Dunmow, with a pretty sunrise and low mist…I’ve photographed this tree a few times, but this is definitely my favourite of it so far.

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here – https://shop.markseton.co.uk/Great-Dunmow/i-NM4kdwX/A

Lovely work this lunchtime through Rowney Woods in Essex. There was a slight mist throughout the woods giving some great atmosphere…there was also a lot of bird activity including

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Got up this morning to the first fog of the autumn. All the spiders webs had all the dew drops on them and I took the usual cliche shots of those…but they weren’t sharp enough to share so you get my favourite tree on my early morning walk instead…I have no doubt this tree will appear a number of times over the months to come 😉

I hate this sort of weather and this shot sums it up perfectly.


288/366 Autumn on the River Chelmer, Great Dunmow

Sunday started reasonably early for me as I had to complete my second assignment for the marketing diploma I’m currently taking. I wanted to spend the whole day at it so made sure I got out early to capture the days photograph.

It was a glorious, warm, autumn morning with just a hint of mist rising off the Chelmer and some lovely colours in the trees and bushes.

Autumn on The Chelmer, Great Dunmow


Photographer in the Mist

Hatfield Forest is a 15 minute drive from Great Dunmow so we visit quite regularly. On this particular visit I went along at dawn with a group of photographers from the Dunmow Photography Club

A misty morning at the lake in Hatfield Forest


281/366 Sunrise over Hatfield Forest Lake

So, 11 hours after I was here last I made it, along with other members of the Dunmow Photography Club, for sunrise.

We arrived at 6.00am whilst it was still pitch black – the sky was clear but the mist that had come in last night was thickly blanketing much of the surrounding area. I made my way to the spot I had finished at last night…you could barely see the boats out on the lake. The mist finally began to lift about half an hour after the sun came up. I moved around the lake and caught this shot from the new wooden pier.

Hatfield Forest Lake - Misty Sunrise


280/366 A Misty Sunset at Hatfield Forest

There may be (hopefully) 2 photos from this location today and tomorrow…

Today I caught the sunset at the lake in Hatfield Forest and the mist rolled in down the lake over the space of about an hour. Tomorrow, if I get up, I’ll be back here at 6.00am to catch the sunrise…fingers crossed 😉

Hatfield Forest Lake - Misty Sunset