Some glorious weather around at the moment and the early morning walk is featuring a lot of blue sky. Here’s one of the Pill boxes on my route that is rapidly disappearing under all the summer growth.

There has been such a furore over the last few days about the super moon and, as an amateur photographer who follows such things, my feeds have been ram-jam full of pictures of the moon. I’ve kept away from it for the most part mainly due to the relatively poor weather we have had here over the past few days.

When i went our for my early morning walk this morning I was delighted that the heavy rain had finally moved away and left a sparkling sunrise…and the moon, still large in the sky, if not quite full anymore.

So, here you have Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow with the ex-super moon slowly setting in the background…and the ducks making a bee-line for me (they were sorely disappointed).

Who’ll win, moons or stars?

Something simple today after quite a few busy HDR and macro shots. A silhouette of some of the houses on my street with the moon coming up behind them.

I popped out well after sunset this evening to grab today’s photograph, but it was still pretty bright with good clear skies. I had a wander around Dunmow and the Doctors Pond and collected yet more shots of the geese and new ducklings.

Heading home, not particularly happy with what I’d got I noticed the moon just rising over the roof tops, particularly because of its size and colour…and here you have it.

Two views, same day out of the same window, I loved the cloud in the earlier shot and the moon (non-eclipsed) in the second shot so decided to make a diptych.

This is a composite of two shots both taken this evening whilst I sat by Doctors Pond watching the world go by.

Having spent ages photographing all sorts of things this evening, but not actually liking anything, I noticed that the clouds were scudding past the moon giving it an interesting appearance, I’m not sure I caught what I saw, but it’s certainly better than the other stuff I shot 😉

I’ve been keen to shoot the stars and I had some limited success with this but the moon coming up over the lake at Hatfield Forest was quite beautiful.

It’s amazingly quiet in the forest at this time of night…except for the roar of the jet engines and smell of aviation fuel that drifts across to you from a mile or so away – it was a surprisingly strong smell. It’s a smell I love though as it reminds me of holidays taken ion the Isle of Tresco when I was a young boy – we used to take the helicopter over from Penzance to St Mary’s and that smell of aviation fuel always meant that we were nearly there.


306/366 – The Moon

We had a light painting evening at the Dunmow Photography Club this evening and, in amongst running around light painting cars I took a couple of minutes to grab this shot of the moon. This is cropped to pretty much 100% and was taken at 200mm on a full frame camera – click the image to see the full size version.

The Moon